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“At Jeff Lennox Builder, we provide you with personalised service through every step of designing & building your New Home”

                                                                        The Sterling Home Series offers a                                                                                                      new process in home building.

Six (6) distinctive plans

(two only for above offer) to suite Family, Farm or Investor and each plan features a unique aspect of home design.

Whether it is open plan, room for a growing family or innovate use of space on tight block dimensions sterling is the word. Yes, the title says it all [sterling adj: real, genuine and authentic and of course who could go past the hallmarks of sterling silver.

Excellent value through design, specific & set colour pallets and fixed plans means

genuine savings without compromise to build quality or materials.


  •   Six (6) New Set Designs 

  •   Four (4) Colour Pallets for tiles, carpet, bench tops and walls:


Stronger tones of blues, silver and greys with a highlights guide for the DIY Home Decorator. 


Warm earthy tones with slashes of strength in the feature highlights guide for the

DIY Home Decorator. 


Cool clean lines of granite and rainforest green shades and a striking feature guide for

the DIY Home Decorator. 

Pebble Beach

Warm hues, whites and canvas deck chairs strips bring a lazy beach feel to your home and features in deep ocean hues for the DIY Home Decorator.

Savings Extended from a "locked plan concepts" means: you don't have to pay for individual engineering designs; simplified Specification and Order lists and together we have achieved a refined build method. 


Pick & Play 

Gone are the hours of Specification detail, just choose your pallet and everything is done.



“If you are in the early stages of preparing for an exciting journey of planning

your home, we encourage you to register your interest so we can share our full

range of plans, featuring single & double story designs plus our budget Sterling range”


Call and ask about our

Quality House & Land Packages

Quality House & Land Packages

in the Branyan Estate from only $350,000


House & Land

“Our designs can be easily modified, so if you select one that fits but you would like to make some adjustments – you can!.

If’s it’s a custom built home that you are after, our plans are a great source of inspiration & can sometimes

help get your own design of the ground.”

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