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Burnett Youth Learning Centre – Trade & Technology Building


A relatively simple building with expressive detailing the Trade and technology Building continues the design philosophy established for the Burnett Youth Learning Centre campus.


An environment that differs from what is expected of a school, work areas equivalent to what would be found in the “real world” and a place that is inviting for the students are critical to the educational requirements of this vocational training high school.


This building employs a complicated roof over the people areas – the staff and instruction rooms – which attaches to a simple shed contains the machinery room for steel and timber workshops. Both of these areas are further manipulated to provide high amounts of natural light & ventilation.


Steel and timber are used extensively in the finished building to provide instruction on how these construction materials can be used as finished surfaces. Rather than hiding the components required for extraction of fumes and dust the extractors are a considered part of the overall composition.


Finishes, as much as possible, are as required for the element, such as unpainted galvanised steel or integrated in the structural material so no further finish is required as selected in the coloured concrete tilt panels. The success of the building has been proved in the willing attendance of the students. 


Burnett Youth Learning Centre (BYLC)– Hospitality & Training Building


Echoing shearer’s sheds the hospitality building at the Burnett Youth Learning Centre provides a valuable hub for the functions of the campus and the ability to make contact with the wider community in ways not expected of a school. It contains a commercial kitchen and is used in a number of ways. Apart from the important task of training students, it provides everyday meals for the school community. It is also a function centre and can cater medium sized events.


Designed to integrate with the site master plan the public areas focus on the future sports fields and lie along the circulation paths. As with all buildings on site this building is, in part, shaped by access to the sun and breezes. It’s presented as more of a refined café’ setting than a classroom to extend the ethos of a school as a place that you want to attend, not a place you have to go to. 


See - medek architecture






Bundaberg Eye Clinic


The Bundaberg Eye Clinic is a purpose built eye treatment centre servicing Bundaberg & its surrounding towns. The building provides a warm & friendly professional environment equipped with State of the art technology for the treatment & diagnosis of a full & comprehensive range of eye health services.

The clinic layout is divided into public areas & professional clinical areas.  At the front of house, the entrance separates the manager’s office, staff areas & amenities.  A staff office services the reception area that opens to the public waiting room, which forms the boundary of the public areas.

The balance of the plan has consulting suites, clinician’s rooms & a treatment room set out around the open investigation & diagnosis area & a secondary waiting space.

The building is residential in scale to compliment adjacent properties.  Conventional construction has been given a commercial twist with the use of upside down roof trusses to create ceiling shape & internal volume & interest to the façade.  A variety of claddings, face brick & large window hood awnings create texture & articulation that result in a uniquely identifiable building for Bundaberg Eye Clinic.




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