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3 Barolin Esplanade – Innes Park

This beautifully appointed home located at Innes Park, shows meticulous attention to detail. The Jeff Lennox team consistently prides itself in providing the highest quality in workmanship to our clients. This home is certainly no exception, with our usual high standard showcased throughout the home in every aspect of the finishes, from floors to walls and doors, in the cabinetry and tiling.

This home brings together all the desired contemporary design elements in a well-planned floor layout. There is a unique balance between open-plan living and private spaces for adults and children. The kitchen is the central hub of the design, from where all the other areas flow naturally. The large outdoor timber deck is easily accessed & makes entertaining a dream.

The home cleverly uses the space for a fifth bedroom in a versatile play space for the children/teenagers. This area can be easily converted into a closed room if required with the use of folding doors. The layout of the home also allows for the children’s areas (bedrooms, play space, bathrooms and toilet) to be closed off from the other parts of the house. This allows for privacy and better noise control.

The layout flows naturally throughout the home and this together with the raised skillion roof in the living area opens the house up and creates a feeling of space and natural light from the high windows.  The clever use of cabinetry in the living area allows it to integrate seamlessly from the living area, flowing into the kitchen area.

The unusual roof line of the house and its interior ceiling treatment is a clear demonstration of our technical ability. The home also shows the successful use of a variety of timbers in a contemporary design – from the slab being recessed to allow for a polished timber floor that is flush with the tiles, through to the internal Blackbutt feature wall in the bedroom to the large outdoor entertaining area.

The elevated aspect of the home, along with its unusual roof lines and detached carport/shed help create a house with an arresting streetscape appeal. The home certainly achieves an entirely modern appeal with its use of conventional building materials in a composite way. The use of Sycon Linea cladding, along with timber adds interest and variety to the look of the house.

Integrating the swimming pool, waste water treatment plant & home on the 809 ms block had to be carefully co-ordinated.

















122 Sylvan Drive Moore Park Beach Queensland

The brief for the Moore Park beach house was to make a home that is private and comfortable for one person to live or an extended family to holiday. The site is long and relatively narrow and prior to construction retained a large amount of native costal vegetation.

The client had seen other buildings constructed by Jeff Lennox and saw in them the qualities that he wanted to have in his own house. The previous designs that impressed him used timber finishes and exposed steel combined in a highly worked way. Without a high level of workmanship the desired character simply can’t be delivered. The level of difficulty for the construction is lifted further by the precision required for the numerous large, and in some instances, multi fold door sets. The changes of floor levels and materials in the same plane required millimetre dimensional planning to ensure the correct levels were delivered in the final finish.

The retention of as much existing vegetation as possible led to the fine tuning of the house position during set out and while the site is designated a bush fire zone the design responds to retain the feeling of a house in the bush. The views to the ocean are restricted to a crow’s nest, which seems to be able to attract a breeze throughout the year.

The house is designed to allow the joining of interior, semi enclosed and exterior spaces. The semi-enclosed deck has built in furniture to act as beds in peak accommodation periods, its raised to provide an extra layer of impromptu seating. The lower bath and laundry areas accommodate returns from the beach without sand being tracked into the house while the exterior area with its fire pit should appeal to the almost camping feel provided by the house when it is operating at capacity.

The unusual roof shape of the carport is a direct response to providing as much roof at the appropriate angle for solar panels. The house is capable of operating off grid, important in this area that suffers from power outages regularly. To ensure the house draws lightly from the battery system virtually all lighting is low energy LED, there is no air conditioning, hot water is solar generated with gas backup.

The house and carport are well set back from the street, the small entry shelter gives the only hint of what lays beyond. A corridor that runs the length of the site is defined by the built structures; the entry shelter, the carport and the house however the gravel path connections between these bend to allow remnant vegetation to remain.

In all the Moore Park house is a modern beach shack, comfortable and relaxing to be in, a place that remains in the memory for a lifetime

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House on the Hill Project

Putting your trust in an Architect’s concept is all of what the TV programs describe, but when it works the results are stunning.  The gentle flow from entry to all the home’s spaces unfolds with ever increasing delights.  The site is steeply sloped and brings spectacular views of the valley below; however, modern building codes dictate the home can withstand C3 Winds and must grip the slope like a cat avoiding water. 


The high set home cunningly bends and melts over its three levels. You move up to the kitchen, main bedroom, music room and family space all with captivating views.  It has a modern clean feeling, but there is warmth that is unmistakable induced by the polished Red Ironbark floors.  Or you can drift down to sunlight bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry and yards of storage space.  But then you discover a coffee bar and workshop that opens to a dappled undercroft area.  The home’s unique features from roof lines, windows and cladding to red wood floors and internal laundry shoot makes this modern Queenslander an inspiring and enchanting home.

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